A Complete Travel Guide For Assam--- Informations Of Wildlife, Fair & Festivals, State Information, Tourist Places Of This Eastern Indian State!!!
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Assam is famous for its endi, muga and paat silks. Intricately weaved muga and paat sarees and mekhela chaddars (local costume) are available at most garment shops. However it is better to buy these from a government emporium. Pragjyotika and Purbashree are reliable emporia. Assam is also known for its cane and bamboo products. Assamese craftsmen produce beautiful cane and bamboo furniture, decorative items and jewellery. Small, delicately crafted cane and bamboo earrings, necklaces and bangles, make unique gifts. The main shopping centres are Fancy Bazaar, Paltan Bazaar and Pan Bazaar. Most government emporia are located in the Pan Bazaar and Ambari area.